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Spaces available for September 2020, fully funded 30 hours for 3 year olds, 15 hours for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

To arrange a visit ring Marie Martin (Nook Manager) 07914427865 or

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We cannot praise The Nook Nursery highly enough. They have provided a safe & secure environment for our daughter in the last few years. The team are loving, nurturing & encouraging. The attention to detail does not go unnoticed - from the wide range of activities on offer, to the extra care they provide to children with additional needs. Phi loves the guidance, routine & learning opportunities available. There hasn't been a single day where she hasn't wanted to go! We can honestly say that The Nook Nursery has exceeded our expectations & we are so grateful for the happiness our daughter experiences in their care.


Laura - Nook Parent

The Nook is an exceptional nursery with a very caring and nurturing team. My daughter has been extremely happy here & has come along really well. Their setting has a lovely homely feel and they have an amazing outside space. I would highly recommend the Nook.


Charlotte - Nook Parent

When we looked for a nursery for our daughter, we found it a bit of a minefield. Most places offered the same thing, the websites all looked fab and the staff were all very friendly on the phone. So, we went looking! We look our little, shy 3yo with us and went to view the nursery’s that we had shortlisted. She instantly fell in love with The Nook, she was welcomed in, the staff spoke to her when we looked around and she went off to play. She sailed through her settling in sessions and enjoyed going to nursery each day she was in! When it came to choosing a nursery for our son two years later, we did not look anywhere else, just put his name straight down on their list. He was an anxious little thing and the staff worked with us to make his time at nursery as fun and stress free as possible. They were a great form of support while both children were at nursery and in the transition to school, which for any small person is daunting.

Tillie and Archie’s Mum and Dad

Tillie and Archie’s Mum and Dad

When they start at Primary School Reception, you can always tell the Nook children, they are ready to learn, keen and well mannered. They share and take turns…we all wait to see who is going to get the Nook children in their class.

A local Primary School Teacher

A local Primary School Teacher

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